System Description

The e-SIS system contains three modules to deliver a complete digital multi-cancer management system.

The modules are:

  • the Management System – MS
  • the Digital Workflow Manager – WFM
  • the Transport System – TS

e-SIS modules can be used independently one from the other and be interfaced with external systems.


e-SIS MS is a web based system installed in a secure datacenter. It allows the management of demographical and medical files for one or many cancer screening management units.


e-SIS WFM is the web-based orchestrator of the digital breast cancer screening.

It manages the digital documents used in breast cancer screening (images, woman questionnaire, etc.) and pilots the transport system to send them in other locations through the Internet (reading workstation, archive, etc.).

The WFM creates and manages the digital exams reading lists used by the radiologists. It is responsible for the reconciliation of patient IDs between all the centers.


e-SIS TS is a secure digital transport system.

It ensures the transport of digital document over the Internet between transfer nodes (TN).

A TN is an application installed in every connected site. It is used to interface digital devices like DICOM modality or workstation and manage the secure transfer in the TS.