Business Case: Breast Cancer Screening Digital Workflow

Taking an appointment for a breast examination

The woman takes an appointment:

  • By calling the Screening Management Center
  • By calling the Radiology Center
  • By using the online registration Website

Transfer of previous exams

  • In case the first reading is performed at the Radiology Center where the new exam is made, the WFM already issues an order to the TS to transfer the previous exam of the woman from the Central Archive to the Radiology Center.
    That way the system ensures that the radiologist in the Radiology Center has access to the woman’s previous images when she presents herself for the new exam.
  • The TS ensures the transmission of previous exam’s DICOM images to the Radiology center and informs the WFM when transfers are completed.

Breast examination

  • Woman presents herself to the Radiology Center
  • Radiology Center’s secretary fills in the first woman’s questionnaire in the WFM
  • Radiology Center’s TMR fills in the second woman’s questionnaire in the WFM
  • TMR performs exam
  • Exam’s images are transferred from the institute DICOM devices (PACS, Modality, Workstation, etc.) to the institute TN

Registration of the new exam in e-SIS

  • The TN informs the WFM that DICOM images of a new exam have arrived
  • WFM Transfer Center informs the MS that new exam’s images have arrived
  • MS registers the new exam in the woman’s file
  • WFM requests the TS to transfer the exam’s DICOM images to the Central Archive
  • The TS ensures the transfer of the exam’s images from the Radiology Center TN to the Central Archive TN

Creation of the radiologist worklists and transfer of exams to the radiologists

  • Based on rules defining:
    • which radiologist will read the new exam,
    • where the radiologist will read the new exam,
    • when the radiologist will perform the reading,

    the WFM assigns the new exam to a first reading worklist for the first radiologist reader.

  • The WFM similarly assigns the new exam to a second reading worklist for the second radiologist reader.
  • Basing on the physical locations where the radiologists will perform their readings, the WFM transmits orders to the TS for transferring new and previous exam’s images to the radiologists workstations
  • The TS ensures the transfer of the reading lists exam’s images from the Central Archive TN to the radiologist’s TNs.
  • Once exams have reached the radiologist’s TNs, they are further transferred by the TS to the radiologist’s workstation.

Radiologist’s reading

  • The radiologist uses the WFM Reporting module to access his reading list.
  • Once the reading list has been opened, the radiologist enters her/his diagnostic for the exams of the reading list.
  • The WFM pilots the visualization of the exam’s images according to the order of the exams in the reading list.
  • Diagnostics are stored in the woman’s file of the MS.