CDI (Conseils et Développements Informatiques SA) is a Swiss IT company based in Fribourg.

CDI develops Web based software systems and provides cloud based IT services.

Since 2007, CDI has specialized in the development and the implementation of cancer screening management systems.

Today CDI ensures the implementation, maintenance and support of the cancer screening system for swiss cancer screening, an organization in charge for the implementation of cancer screening programs in all Switzerland.

In 2009, CDI has implemented a fully digital Breast Cancer Screening system in Switzerland. Since then the system has been deployed in all Swiss screening programs.

This system, unique in Europe, allows the complete digitalization of the woman’s file, gives full geographical freedom to radiologists for performing their exam readings and provide flexibility in defining numerical workflows.

More than 500’000 exams have already been handled by this new system.


EpiConcept is a French IT company based in Paris.

EpiConcept is specialized in epidemiology and in the development of systems for the public health sector.

With 60% of the market, Epiconcept is the leader in the development and implementation of screening management system in France.

The Néoscope screening management system supports breast, colon and cervical screening programs.

EpiConcept ‘s IT platform is certified by the French Ministry of Health for personal health data hosting.

EpiConcept in a few words:

  • A culture of public health
  • Double competence in medicine and information technologies
  • Renowned scientific expertise
  • Software development mastery
  • Experience in driving complex international projects


Sesam is a Turkish software engineering company based in Istanbul.

Sesam has an extensive set of solid software practices and a strong team built around these practices.

Sesam has been active in the development and implementation of Health systems for several years and provides enterprise solutions addressing the needs of a wide range of actors in the health sector including laboratories, hospitals, clinics and individual doctors.


HEIA-FR (Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture Fribourg), based in Fribourg is part of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

HEIA-FR includes three (3) main departments: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Civil and Architecture (CEN) and Industrial technologies (TIN).

HEIA-FR links the fundamental research results with industrial needs. This means that the HEIA-FR is able to scan, collect and analyze the university results and to adapt them for industrial need.

ICT Institute of the HEIA-FR has strong competence in IT security and Network Management. That corresponds very well with the requested aims of the project.